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Dual band Reach Xtend™

(New part number NN01-003, click here.)

双波段Reach Xtend 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN芯片天线专为在2.4及5千兆赫运行的32位CardBus装置设计。
双波段Reach Xtend天线让您以低成本实现高性能。充分利用空间和极化多样性,这款天线能够帮助您提高装置数据传输率的可靠性。这一性能结合高隔离度,使其成为室内(辐射极为分散)环境的理想选择,可在热点基础设施分布不平衡的情况下实现高性能运行。

Bands: ISM 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Dimensions: 10.0 mm x 10.0 mm x 0.9 mm

Tags: Automotive, Bluetooth, Diversity, ebook, Headsets, IoT (internet of things), ISM, jewelry, Laptop, MIMO, Modules, netbook, phablet, Point of Sales, POS, ReachXTEND, ring, router, Sensors, set top box, Smartwatch, Tablet, usb, Wearables, Wifi, WLAN

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